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Emily Romero Marbled Paper & Designs

Marbled Paper Iridescent Waves II - 1/2 sheets

$7.50 - $9.00
Marbled Paper Iridescent Waves II - 1/2 sheets

These sheets have been marbled using acrylic paints including an iridescent bleu noir, in the Spanish pattern. This pattern is created by moving the paper back and forth as it is laid to create gentle waves or ripples. The iridescent color will change depending on the angle to add a magical effect. The Turquoise sheets have been overmarbled or double marbled with a layer of green that ressembles seaweed floating on the ocean. Overmarbled sheets are priced higher as they have been marbled once, dried, then marbled a second time which gives it an added layer and depth. They were marbled on Colorplan (135gsm) Paper. They measure 12.5x19 (long grain), a size that is ideal for smaller projects. Papers are not coated so be sure to keep away from water to avoid damage.

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