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Emily Romero Marbled Paper & Designs

About Base Papers Used

Base Paper

After quite a bit of research and testing I have selected a few base papers that are great quality papers and that hold up well in the marbling process. Below are more details of the papers I use.

Note: gsm refers to grams per square meter and is used as an indicator of the weight of the paper. Grain refers to the direction of the fibers in a sheet of paper and whether they are parallel to the short or long end of the paper. Grain will be listed within the product description as it depends on whether the paper is a full or half-sized sheet.

Canson Ingres Paper - 100gsm 
This is a lightweight, laid paper whose beautiful texture comes through the marbled design. Laid paper is a type of paper having a ribbed texture imparted by the manufacturing process. 

Fabriano CMF Ingres Paper - 90gsm 
This is a Fabriano Ingres laid paper in a special CMF (Cartiere Miliani Fabriano) edition. The unique grain and the highly lightfast colors are characteristic of these papers. Acid free, they are ideal for fancy paperwork, bookbinding, drawing (pastel and charcoal) and collage.

Talas Professional Marbling Paper - 120gsm 

This is the ideal paper for producing professional quality handmade marbled papers and is exclusive to TALAS.  Producing high quality marbled papers, and the preceding step of applying alum to the sheet is plagued with difficulty from most papers that are available today. This paper accepts the alum process and marbled patterns exceptionally well to help in achieving the best possible artistic results. Paper is acid-free and archival.  Made from 100% Bleached Cellulose (no recycled and wood fibers) Fibers; and free of buffering agents, make it the ideal choice for Ebru or Suminagashi marbling.

Cranes Lettra Letterpress Paper
For over 200 years, Crane papers have set the standard for American papermaking. Crane’s Lettra captures this legacy in soft, durable, 100% cotton papers that communicate craftsmanship and elegance in equal measure.

  • Fluorescent White - paper in a bright white that really brings out the marbled colors.
  • Pearl White – paper in a sophisticated off white that is a great backdrop for marbled colors.

Colorplan Paper – 135gsm
Colorplan is the broadest range of premium acid-free colored papers currently on the market. Surface is a subtle vellum texture that gives this paper a certain tactile quality, which allows for great “foldability”. Paper is made in England.

I use a range of colors from Colorplan depending on the paints selected and my inspiration. I really enjoy using this paper not only for how well it holds up in the marbling process but because the paints marbled on these sheets are transformed by the color of the base paper. Each time I lift the paper from the surface it’s like making a new discovery!

Canson Mi-Teintes Paper - 160gsm
A great paper for giving a colorful background to marbled designs. It contains cotton which gives it a wonderful texture and feel and has a honeycombed side as well as a fine grain side. It comes in a rich range of light-resistant tones and complies with ISO 9706 standard on permanence and is acid free. I enjoy using this paper to create covers for marbled notebooks and stationery.


Full Sheets - full sheets are approximately 19x25 inches. Details on grain will be provided in listing. 

Half Sheets -
half sheets measure approximately 12.5 x 19 inches. Details on grain will be provided in listing.