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Emily Romero Marbled Paper & Designs

Double Marbled Paper 1/2 sheets

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Double Marbled Paper 1/2 sheets

These sheets are contemporary double-marbled designs on Colorplan Paper (135gsm) in a variety of colors. Double marbling involves marbling a sheet that has already been marbled once to achieve a more complex design. They measure 12.5x19 (long grain), a smaller size that is ideal for smaller projects. Each sheet is one of a kind and marbled using acrylic paints for durability. They are slightly higher priced due to the more complex process involved to produce this kind of design. Papers are not coated so be sure to keep away from water to avoid damage.

Use the drop down menu below to select the number shown with the paper that you would like to order and note that I have also included the type and color of base paper used for each. The images shown in the photos are the papers you will receive.