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Emily Romero Marbled Paper & Designs


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The viscous surface on which you float paints for marbling, known as the "marbling size", is most often made using carrageenan, an extract of red seaweeds that is available in powder form. With gelling and non-gelling types, Carrageenan can be broken down into three main categories designated by the Greek letter prefixes kappa, iota and lambda. This listing is for Lambda Carrageenan which is a sulfated polysaccharide widely used in the food industry for its gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties. It is the ideal carrageenan for marbling.

Approximate proportions for use are 1 tablespoon per 1/2 gallon of water. It can be mixed in a blender in advance of your marbling session. Allowing it to sit at room temperature for a few hours before use is best. Carrageenan can be slippery even in powder form so be sure to wipe surfaces and floors thoroughly if any of it spills.

I package the carrageenan powder in 1/2 pound and 1 pound quantities and ship it in reclosable poly bags for convenience. Simple instructions for use are included. Use the drop down menu below to select the quantity of carrageenan that you would like to order. Discounts for larger quantities are available, please contact me through the shop or email me at [email protected] for more information.

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