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Custom Order Consultation - Suntup Standard Nonpareil Pattern

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Custom Order Consultation - Suntup Standard Nonpareil Pattern

Custom color consult for a standard nonpareil pattern. Details as per email.

Thanks Paul!

The Consultation Fee covers consultation about colors, pattern and paper that would be best for your project as well as the sample approval process. A sample (size: 4x6") will be mailed to you for your review. If any colors need to be adjusted, a new sample will be made and mailed to you for approval before the design is finalized. This fee is paid upfront and is nonrefundable regardless of whether you place an order for the sheets you've requested a sample for. Once you've approved the sample, a custom listing will be set up in the shop for you to purchase before the sheets can be made.

This consultation fee covers the design for one project. If changes to colors or pattern are made for a subsequent project, it will require a separate consultation fee and sample approval process.

Please note there is a 4 sheet minimum purchase for a custom order. The following discounts are available for multiple sheets of the same base paper/color/pattern in a batch. All full-sized sheets measure approximately 19x25".

1-9 sheets: $15 / sheet
10-24 sheets: $14 / sheet
25-39 sheets: $13 / sheet
40 or more sheets: $12 / sheet

Please Note
Custom Designs are not exclusive to the customer and all designs produced by Emily Romero are Copyright and cannot be reproduced without License.